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By | June 1, 2013

      Hispasat Expands Satellite Broadband Network

      Gilat Satellite Networks and Hispasat have signed a deal to expand the Spanish satellite operator’s broadband satellite-based network with an additional SkyEdge II system. The new contract marks the third segment expansion of the network launched in 2011 in support of the Spanish government’s Avanza 100 percent broadband access program, which aims to provide connectivity to underserved areas across Spain.

      As part of the network, Gilat’s SkyEdge II system supports 32APSK Adaptive Coding and Modulation transmission to maximize space segment efficiency. Combined with the beam capabilities of Hispasat’s 1E satellite, the network can provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps per 36 MHz transponder.

      RRsat Launches New Content Management and Distribution Solution

      RRsat Global Communications Network has launched a new content management and distribution solution that enables major international broadcasters to reach cable headends and DTH television broadcasting in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

      The solution includes services such as content capture, production and management through distribution and extensive playout services from the RRsat Emek HaEla teleport in Israel. It combines RRsat’s Ku-Band MCPC platform on the new Yamal-300K satellite at 90 degrees east, which covers western, central and eastern regions of Russia and the CIS.

      Eutelsat Reports Satellite TV Reaches 8.2 Million in Italy

      According to a new study, 8.2 million Italian homes are now equipped with a DTH antennas, which equals to one in every three TV homes in Italy. The numbers are the result of a new survey “TV Reception Barometer,” that Eutelsat Communications conducted in collaboration with Ipsos on TV reception modes and trends across its global footprint.