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By | March 1, 2013

      Eutelsat Offers In-Flight Connectivity Services Through KA-SAT

      Eutelsat Communications has announced the launch of Eutelsat Air Access, its new aeronautical mobile service. The service is designed to help accelerate the offer of in-flight connectivity services for passengers aboard commercial airlines operating in Europe.

      To deploy Eutelsat Air Access, Eutelsat is partnering with LiveTV, a provider of live in-flight entertainment and connectivity services for commercial airlines. Under the partnership, LiveTV will deliver, integrate and maintain on-board equipment and operate Wi-Fi Internet access services and video streaming for passengers.

      Gazprom Space Systems Set to Orbit Yamal-401 This Year

      Russian satellite operator Gazprom Space Systems will launch its Yamal-401 by the end of the year, followed by its Yamal-601 spacecraft in 2015, according to a report published by Russia’s Interfax News Service.

      The Yamal-401satellite will replace Gazprom’s Yamal-201 and Yamal-601 will replace the Yamal-202 respectively, joining the Yamal-300K spacecraft that was launched last year.

      SES Secures New Capacity Deal with MagtiSat

      Georgian mobile and telecommunication company MagtiCom has signed an agreement with SES for a fourth transponder at the Astra 31.5 degrees East orbital position to expand its offer throughout the country.

      After the first year of operations of MagtiSat, Georgia’s first domestic direct-to-home (DTH) satellite platform, MagtiCom plans to use the four transponders to offer to up to 100 local and foreign digital TV channels, including high-definition (HD) channels, to its 40,000 customers throughout the country.