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By | November 19, 2007

      Raytheon Gains $17 Million Contract To Build TOW Missiles For Canada

      The Army gave Raytheon Co. [RTN] a $17 million contract to build 462 TOW (Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided) Bunker Buster missiles for the Canadian Army.

      The Canadian contract is the first international sale of the TOW Bunker Buster missile, which employs a fragmenting, high-explosive warhead designed to breach or destroy a multitude of target sets, particularly those in complex urban terrain, according to Raytheon.

      The company will deliver the new wireless radio frequency command data link version of the TOW Bunker Buster missile.

      "The TOW missile system continues to be the most effective and affordable precision-assault missile system in the world," said Jim Riley, vice president of the Raytheon Land Combat Product Line.

      Wireless TOW receives commands from the gunner through a wireless data link, rather than the wire connection that the system has used since it was introduced more than 30 years ago.

      The system performs exactly as the wire-guided version, enabling soldiers to continue using the proven weapon without changing tactics or incurring additional training.

      Because the wireless system is built into the missile and the missile case, wireless TOW is compatible with all existing TOW 2-capable ground launchers including the Canadian Light Armored Vehicle with TOW Under Armor and the Improved Target Acquisition System, as well as the U.S. Army Stryker anti-tank guided missile vehicle with modified ITAS, and Bradley fighting vehicle with the Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem.

      The TOW weapon system, with the multi-mission TOW 2A, TOW 2B, TOW 2B Aero and TOW Bunker Buster missiles, is the world’s premier long-range precision anti-armor, anti- fortification, anti-amphibious landing weapon system. TOW is in service with more than 40 international armed forces and integrated on more than 15,000 ground, vehicle and helicopter platforms worldwide. TOW is also used as the heavy assault weapon system for NATO, coalition, United Nations and peacekeeping operations worldwide.

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