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GeoInformation Group Adds Thermal Mapping To Imagery Portfolio

By | August 9, 2007

      The GeoInformation Group, publishers of Cities Revealed aerial photography, is offering a new Thermal Mapping solution among its geographic information and aerial imagery portfolio, the company announced Aug. 8.

      Thermal Mapping is a value-added spatial information tool for the analysis of energy loss from buildings, ground features and even objects below the ground.

      Thermal Mapping is created by using a thermal imaging camera to record temperature differences over millions of data points to produce an image that quantifies thermal variation. Cities Revealed integrates the data with OS MasterMap to assign each building in the map with a heat loss value using a five-level classification system. Thermal Mapping allows users to monitor and compare heat loss from properties, associate heat loss with addresses and develop energy conservation programs. The mapping tool can be used for rural and urban areas for applications by either public or commercial sectors. Based in Cambridge, England, privately owned GeoInformation Group provides its product portfolio under the Cities Revealed brand including: Modern, Historic and Near Infrared aerial imagery, LiDAR data, Oblique imagery solutions, and value-added aerial imagery derived databases: Land Use, Building Class and Building Heights.

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