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North Korea Says It Begins To Close Down Nuclear Reactor

By | July 16, 2007

      North Korea announced it has begun to close down its nuclear facility at Yongbyong, as agreed in a February concordat.

      However, the announcement states only that a shutdown has begun, not that the facility has been closed.

      As well, the shutdown would have to be confirmed by outside inspectors, which hasn’t yet occurred.

      And it remains to be seen just how much North Korea will disclose about its secretive program to build nuclear weapons, one of which it tested underground last year, much less whether the isolated communist regime of Kim Jong Il actually will hand over any nuclear arms to inspectors.

      The words from North Korea came after it obtained much of what it sought in six-party talks, such as receiving formerly frozen funds, and the start of oil shipments to the energy-starved peninsular regime.

      North Korea often has pledged to take steps, such as promising not to build nuclear weapons, only to break its word.

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