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AIA Opposes Defense-Technology Export Controls

By | February 26, 2007

      The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) is opposing a move to tighten controls on exports of goods containing sensitive export technologies.

      Further, the AIA Acquisition Policy group said it is allied with the Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations (CODSIA) in fighting the rule change.

      The rule would amend the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to prevent unauthorized disclosure of export-controlled information and technology under Department of Defense (DOD) contracts.

      The proposal stems from a report by the DOD inspector general that asserts that not all contractors are aware of export control requirements that often accompany DOD contracts. DOD would remedy concerns by adding new guidance in the DFARS. Industry. But AIA said the DOD proposed guidance goes too far and is excessively burdensome for contractors.

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