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Group Lofts Proposed Goals For Moon Camp

By | February 19, 2007

      A Washington astronautics think tank has set forth several goals for the encampment on the moon envisioned by President Bush, including business participation and development of commercial revenue sources on the moon.

      The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Colonization Technical Committee (SCTC) recommended research, development, technology and engineering goals for the lunar base.

      These goals should be achieved so as to establish a moon base by 2015 and open new frontiers to human space exploration, according to AIAA.

      That AIAA/SCTC paper emphasizes human settlement of the moon; development of lunar observatories, energy and resources uses; and sustained, active encouragement of private and international enterprise.

      It recommends establishment of scientific and industrial capabilities of a permanent lunar settlement and development of the commercial revenue sources on the moon.

      Divided into three time periods (the present through 2015, 2015 to 2025 and then 2025 through 2050), the group calls for the United States to work with international partners to pursue free-market rules to the development of space.

      The group also seeks international conventions on property and mineral rights, and land management conventions to include provisions for homesteading.

      AIAA/SCTC supports a strengthened space program through robust implementation of lunar settlements with commercial and international enterprises.

      The paper that is entitled “Robust Implementations of Lunar Settlements with Commercial and International Enterprise (Moon Base 2015)” may be viewed at on the Web.

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