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JCSAT-10 Satellite Is Launched Into Orbit

By | August 14, 2006

      The JCSAT-10 telecommunications satellite was launched into orbit, Lockheed Martin Corp. [LMT] reported.

      JCSAT-10 is the fourth in a series of six satellite launches planned this year for Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems and the second of three satellites Lockheed Martin will deliver to JSAT.

      JCSAT-9 was launched April 12 and JCSAT-11 is scheduled for launch in the third quarter next year.

      JCSAT-10 is a high-powered hybrid satellite consisting of 30 active Ku-band transponders and 12 active C-band transponders that will provide coverage to Japan, the Asia-Pacific region and Hawaii.

      It marks delivery of the 30th Lockheed A2100 series spacecraft.

      JCSAT-10 will operate from 128 degrees east and is designed for a minimum service life of 15 years.

      A2100 geosynchronous spacecraft provide Ka-band broadband and broadcast services, fixed satellite services in C-band and Ku-band, high-powered direct broadcast services using the Ku-band frequency spectrum and mobile satellite services using UHF, L-band, and S-band payloads.

      Some 29 of the spacecraft have flown to date.

      The A-2100 is being adapted for medium earth orbit (MEO) navigation missions and geostationary earth orbit (GEO)-based earth observing missions, and it currently is the baselined platform for Lockheed Martin’s GOES-R proposal.

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