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Lockheed Gains $61.4 Million For Fleet Ballistic Missile Work

By | May 15, 2006

      The Navy awarded Lockheed Martin Corp. a $61.4 million cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for work on the fleet ballistic missile (FBM) program.

      Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Co. of Sunnyvale, Calif., will investigate, demonstrate, and validate emerging technologies suitable for the unique current and future requirements of FBM boost motors, post boost control systems (PBCS), thrust vector controls (TVC), and ordnance and flight termination systems.

      The company will identify and maintain critical skills and tools needed to address FBM propulsion systems development needs and improve the current predictive aging models/techniques used for boost motor, PBCS & TVC, ordnance and flight termination systems to assess their viability when deployed beyond their original design life.

      Lockheed also must identify and demonstrate systems engineering skills needed for systems and subsystems integration into the current FBM configuration, as well as predict product development and qualification time necessary in initiating production of alternative components.

      The company will take less than three years to complete the job.

      This contract, which was not competitively procured, is managed by the Navy Strategic Systems Programs in Arlington, Va.

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