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ATK Tactical Systems

By | April 17, 2006

      ATK Tactical Systems, Rocket Center, W.V., is being awarded a $5.5 million firm fixed price, cost reimbursement contract for initial procurement of 4,923 DSU-33 proximity sensors, 51 D-2 dummy sensors, three D-5 cutaway dummy sensors and associated qualification and testing.

      The DSU-033 proximity sensor is a nose-mounted radio frequency proximity sensor used on M117 and MK-80 series general-purpose bombs and the joint direct attack munition (JDAM). The DSU-33 provides a sensor fire pulse to a fuze, which in turn initiates bomb detonation at a height-of-burst (HOB) nominally 20 feet. The HOB detonation capability enhances the performance of general-purpose bombs and JDAMs for above ground targets.

      The DSU-33 can provide a fire pulse to the following fuzes: FMU-139B, FMU-139A/B, FMU-139/B, FMU-139C/B and the FMU-152A/B.

      Power for the DSU-33 is provided by an internal battery, which is initiated by either a FZU-48/B or the FZU-55A/B in the Air Force configuration, or the fuze function control set in the Navy configuration. The sensor is qualified for use on various aircraft.

      The work will be complete by March 2008.

      The Headquarters Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., is the contracting organization.

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