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SUIRG: Cost-Cutting Leads To Interference

By | October 12, 2004

      According to the Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group (SUIRG), the continual drive by satellite network operators to cut or control costs is contributing to a rise in radio frequency interference (RFI) incidents that are impacting the satellite communications industry adversely. The group identified a number of causes of RFI incidents, including spurious transmissions, faulty or dirty cables/connections, VHF radio interference with a satellite uplink chain and the increase of uplinkers with minimal technical training. SUIRG said the financial costs of troubleshooting the causes of RFI are rising, and satellite operators are passing those costs to network operators and customers. The group suggested finding ways to provide incentives for satellite network operators to reduce interference through using better equipment, by being more rigorous in maintenance and by spending money for better training. However, specific incentive ideas were not made available.

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