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BSkyB Marketing Push Targets New Subs

By | October 1, 2004

      BSkyB announced plans of a fresh marketing drive as it bids to increase its subscriber numbers still further in the UK and Ireland. The carrier, which has around 7.4 million subscribers in Britain and Ireland, says it wants more. The pivotal part of the marketing drive will be a series of advertisements that use uncut programs and images to heighten awareness of the diversity and quality of pay-TV.

      The new initiative comes at a time when BSkyB’s subscriber numbers have started to slow. In the first six months of this year, it added fewer than 150,000 subscribers; while the numbers still are strong, they are significantly lower than in recent years.

      Jon Florsheim, BSkyB’s managing director/Sales, Marketing and Interactive, said, “With this campaign, Sky begins the steady transformation from utility to entertainment company.”

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