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Puerto Rican Students Get Satellite Internet Connection

By | August 30, 2004

      On the island of Puerto Rico where terrestrial-based, conventional Internet access often is cost-prohibitive and unreliable for educators, SES Americom, the U.S. satellite arm of Luxembourg-based SES Global, today announced its satellite-delivered broadband service has been selected to connect more than 1,500 Puerto Rico schools to the Internet.

      The AMC-6 satellite, orbiting 22,000 miles above the Earth, is providing connectivity for thousands of students on the island just in time for the new school year. Roughly 1,539 schools will be connected to

      a satellite IP platform next month. Participating schools would receive two-way broadband service via a small satellite antenna, which also is capable of providing voice-over- IP (VoIP) telephone service between the schools and the Puerto Rico Department of Education

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