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Foxtel Goes More For Interactive Approach

By | August 25, 2004

      Australian pay-TV operator Foxtel is making concerted efforts to boost its interactive strategy. The operator is launching an on-air campaign to increase awareness and to promote usage of interactive services now available on Foxtel Digital. The operator, which launched its digital television earlier this year, is hoping to boost revenues through interactivity.

      To promote interactivity, the operator created an animated character, “Lil’ Red Button Man,” who will promote the interactive aspects of digital television. The ‘Lil Red’ campaign will launch next month.

      Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s director of television commented, “Lil’ Red Button Man will become synonymous with interactivity and pressing the red button on Foxtel Digital. He will help educate our digital viewers that, simply by pressing the red button on their remote, interactive services such as Sky News Active, Sports Active, voting and Weather Active can enhance their television experience, and are fun and easy to use.”

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