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Telenor Positions Itself For Satellite Broadband Expansion

By | July 15, 2004

      New Skies Satellite N.V. [NSK] and Telenor Satellite Services inked an agreement under which Telenor will expand its gateway services out of the New Skies’ Perth, Australia, mediaport. For Telenor, the agreement not only doubles Telenor’s teleport services through New Skies, but allows Telenor to continue to offer analog services from Inmarsat as well as putting the company in position to offer Inmarsat’s broadband global area network services when the service is launched next year. Telenor spokesman Tom Surface told Satellite Today the company has a “significant” analog customer base in India and the Pacific Rim that will be served by this agreement until Inmarsat phases out its analog service in 2007.

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