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Telewest Claims Broadband First in The United Kingdom

By | April 26, 2004

      U.K. cable operator Telewest has laid down the gauntlet to other broadband players in the U.K. market by significantly upgrading close to half a million broadband connections with faster speeds. Telewest’s standard “blueyonder” service will increase in speed from 512 KB to 750 KB. Its faster 1 MB service will be upgraded to 1.5 MB, and while its 2 MB service will become the United Kingdom’s first residential 3 MB service, company officials said.

      The same monthly charges will apply for each of these three offers. The 3 MB service will cost GBP50 ($89) a month. The standard Blueyonder service (712 KB) will cost GBP25 ($44) a month, and the 1.5 MB service will cost GBP35 ($62) a month.

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