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Loral Completes SkyReach Trials

By | April 15, 2004

      Loral Skynet officials said today the company successfully completed service trials with several customers on SkyReach, its IP-enabled product that provides two-way broadband services for secure private networks or for high-speed Internet access. SkyReach will offer a number of services that complement existing frame-relay and multi-protocol label switching networks as well as efficient network management. The service uses a digital video broadcast return channel via satellite hub platform from EMS Technologies.

      Rollout of SkyReach is scheduled for the second quarter. The service would offer forward speeds as fast as 2 megabits per second and return speeds as fast as 512 kilobits per second throughout the Americas on Telstar 12 and IA-7. Rollout in Europe and Asia will occur later this year.

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