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Canada To Develop C$140M Multipurpose Satellite

By | February 6, 2004

      The Canadian Space Agency and Industry Canada announced Friday that they will develop a multipurpose satellite called CASSIOPE, which will require the building of a satellite platform adaptable for a range of assignments, including science, technology, Earth observation, geological exploration and high-capacity data delivery. Richmond, B.C.-based MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates will serve as prime contractor, leading a Canadian industrial team to develop both the space and ground infrastructure and to operate the spacecraft.

      The Canadian government is investing more than C$140 million (US$105 million) in the development of key technologies. Of that amount, CSA is providing C$63 million (US$58 million) and Technology Partnerships Canada is providing C$77.2 million (US$47.4 million). CASSIOPE will include a scientific probe carrying a suite of eight scientific instruments, called ePOP, developed by the University of Calgary. This C$10.3 million (US$7.7 million) CSA-funded payload will collect data on storms in the upper atmosphere and their potentially impacts on radio communications, GPS navigation, and other space-based technologies.

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