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Eutelsat CEO Talks Up Ka-Band Strategy

By | January 13, 2003

      Eutelsat is taking the lead in launching Ka-band broadband satellite services in Europe, said CEO Giuliano Berretta. But he sees areas of co-operation with other satellite service providers.

      Berretta told Satellite Today: “With the failure of Astra 1K, and the success of HOT BIRD 6, Eutelsat is in fact the only operator in Europe with commercial Ka-band capacity. We believe there are areas for co-operation in the Ka-band market and that as far as the validation of new technologies are concerned, we should work with our peers by putting our payload at their disposal and working together.”

      An exclusive in-depth interview with Eutelsat CEO Giuliano Berretta can be read in the next edition of Satellite Today’s sister publication, Interspace.

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