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Premiere World gains Nuremberg redundancy

By | August 29, 2001

      In an aim to counteract signal blackouts and picture disturbances during extreme weather, heavy rainfalls or thunderstorms in Munich, Premiere World has installed a second uplink site in Nuremberg. The back-up uplink station was brought into service by Beta Digital, the subsidiary of Kirch Group, which handles the uplink services for Premiere World, on August 1.

      The redundancy will not only provide back-up for Premiere World on Astra 1F and 1H (19.2 degrees East), but also for the analogue feeds of the Kirch channels Sat 1, Pro 7, Kabel 1, N24 and Home Shopping Europe (HSE) on the Luxembourg-based satellite system. “We are happy that we have been able to finalise the complex technical realisation in time for the beginning of the new football season,” said Ingolf Graichen, head of Beta Digital’s transmission technology department.

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