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Jordan drops Terrestrial channels

By | January 17, 2001

      Jordan is to “merge” its two terrestrial services, Jordan 1 and 2, into its satellite channel (Jordan Space Channel). The announcement was made by Jordan TV board member Dr Adnan Badran, citing continued losses (said to be more than 5 million dinars) at the 3,000-strong broadcasting unit and a need to improve programming.

      “I think it is about time to think deeply how much we need to do the job, how much we need to become competitive, and how much we have to do to re-attract the stars we have lost to other TV’s in the area. Many of the TV stations in the area are manned by Jordanians. Those people have to leave because of salary, because of better opportunities.”

      One local report said, “Ten out of its twelve million Jordanian dinars annual budget is spent on salaries for the 3,200 employees, many of whom were appointed on personal connection basis and rarely show up for work.”

      Jordan’s former Channel 2 used to carry English and French transmissions and may in the future be devoted to covering Jordan’s parliament. The Jordanian Space Channel continues to carry the news bulletins from the main channel.

      Only minor differences have been observed between the programming of the main channel and that of the space channel. Amman-based newspaper Al-Dustur says the joint terrestrial and satellite channel will now have the same objectives.

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