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By | October 18, 2000

      ONdigital, the interactive digital TV service reports it had 896,000 customers signed up, as of October 16. The figure for the quarter ended 30 September, 2000 was 878,000 – more than double the figure of 411,000 at the same period in 1999.

      In the first two weeks after launch, ONnet, ONdigital’s full Internet service, signed up 20,000 customers.

      ONdigital chief executive, Stuart Prebble, said, “In less than two years we have built a business with close to a million customers, and we are on track to meet the very ambitious targets we set ourselves two years ago. We’ve more than doubled our subscriber numbers in the last year and we believe we are in good shape to continue strong growth in the all-important last quarter of 2000.”

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