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iSky Changes Name To WildBlue Communications

By | August 16, 2000

      iSky, a Denver, Colo., company that is developing a Ka-band satellite system for two-way Internet access has changed its name to WildBlue Communications, claiming that the name “embodies the frontier spirit” of the company.

      Although WildBlue’s announcement of its new name and motto–Broadband Within Your Reach–went into rhapsodies over “positive imagery for high-speed service, being able to reach anyone anywhere, the frontier spirit, space-age technology down-to-earth customer service and affordability,” the company may have had a much more practical reason to change its name.

      iSky is already the name of a Columbia, Md., company that provides outsourced customer care services on a nationwide basis for other companies on a nationwide basis. iSky is also the name of the company’s Web site.

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