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TTP Joins Omnispace 5G Development Partner Ecosystem

By | March 16, 2022

Omnispace is working to build global 5G hybrid network. Photo: Omnispace

Omnispace is working with British independent technology company TTP to lead the development of the Omnispace 5G NTN environment and emulation lab. The companies announced an agreement Wednesday to develop prototype products and demonstrate use on what they called the world’s first 3GPP compliant 5G NTN network, to validate various vendor platforms, applications and devices. 

The Omnispace 5G NTN lab and experience center will emulate the capabilities of the future Omnispace system and give third parties an environment to test products and applications for the 5G hybrid network. 

“We’re tapping some of the brightest minds in the telecommunications and engineering sector to help validate our global 5G NTN network,” said Brian Pemberton, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Omnispace. “This partnership with TTP will help us grow our partner ecosystem, with anyone requiring global real-time connectivity for mobile applications.”

Omnispace is working to build a network that brings together a Non-Geostationary (NGSO) satellite constellation with the terrestrial mobile networks for an interoperable “one network” to offer connectivity to users and IoT devices anywhere.