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Infostellar Adds Amazon’s AWS Ground Station to Mission Control Software

By Jeffrey Hill | July 1, 2021

Infostellar’s Executive Team and Investor Group (photo from Infostellar)

Tokyo-based Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) provider Infostellar confirmed that its StellarStation mission control software will include Amazon Web Services‘ (AWS) Ground Station capabilities as a result of a new partnership the two companies announced Wednesday, June 30.

Infostellar CEO Naomi Kurahara said that the combination would give the company’s satellite operator customers faster and easier geospatial data download speeds for quicker decision making on Earth, as well as the ability to schedule contacts across both ground networks from a single scheduling interface. AWS will collaborate with Infostellar for customer onboarding, including spectrum licensing.

“Leveraging AWS Ground Station allows Infostellar to expand our infrastructure very rapidly with the addition of key locations to our global network of ground stations,” said Kurahara. “AWS also shows the benefits of our cloud-based ground service aggregation platform, StellarStation, to the global community of spacecraft operators. With Infostellar and AWS, satellite customers can migrate their workloads to AWS in order to benefit from its agility, cost savings, elasticity, and global connectivity.”

Japan-based space startup ALE Co, Ltd., which is currently working on various space-related projects, including the “world’s first man-made shooting star,”  will be one of Infostellar’s initial customers using the combined AWS/StellarStation software.

“This collaboration will allow us to better schedule shooting star events for the ALE man-made shooting star experience and provide more flexible options for our customers,” said ALE CEO Lena Okajima.