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Capricorn Partners With Infostellar on Ground Segment Services 

By Rachel Jewett | December 17, 2019

Photo: Capricorn Space

Capricorn Space has partnered with Japanese ground segment service provider Infostellar to allow Infostellar customers access to its satellite constellations from the Australian Ground Network – West (AGN-W) site near Mingenew in Western Australia.

AGN-W, which Capricorn Space established to provide global satellite operators with southern hemisphere coverage from the Indian Ocean across the Australian continent, comprises two 5m S/X-Band antenna systems and associated infrastructure. The facility became operational in Oct. 2019 and was inaugurated on Dec. 10.  

“Infostellar and their StellarStation platform will make it easier for their customers to secure on-demand access to their satellites as they pass within our coverage zone and we will jointly be able to deliver reliable, cost effective and timely services,” Capricorn Space CEO Mark Thompson said in a statement, adding that the company plans to make more announcements in “the near future.”