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DigitalGlobe Announces New Monitoring for Defense and Intelligence

By Kendall Russell | June 5, 2017
      A soldier uses SecureWatch. Photo: DigitalGlobe.

      A soldier uses SecureWatch. Photo: DigitalGlobe.

      DigitalGlobe announced it will launch a premium monitoring service, SecureWatch Sites, which provides current satellite images of high-interest, global locations on a regular basis from multiple commercial providers. SecureWatch Sites imagery will be available through the SecureWatch web-based interface with locations customized by the customer.

      SecureWatch is a web-based subscription service that gives defense and intelligence customers access to DigitalGlobe’s imagery archive totaling 100 petabytes of data and millions of square kilometers of daily image collections. SecureWatch Sites will leverage DigitalGlobe imagery, as well as imagery from SI Imaging Services’ Kompsat 3 and Kompsat 3a satellites.

      Additionally, DigitalGlobe will expand the breadth of geospatial intelligence capabilities available in SecureWatch by incorporating two products from DigitalGlobe Radiant: GeoNews and Human Landscape. According to DigitalGlobe, the GeoNews feature will show SecureWatch subscribers news articles associated with any area on the globe. Human Landscape adds geographic information layers curated by DigitalGlobe experts from both open sources and proprietary DigitalGlobe software and algorithms to provide customers with foundational information for understanding human activity. Five Human Landscape layers will be available this summer to all SecureWatch subscribers: political boundaries, military installations, airports, seaports, and other features of interest to defense and intelligence organizations.

      The SecureWatch Sites monitoring package and additional Human Landscape layers on the country scale will be available for SecureWatch subscribers starting in late 2017. GeoNews will be available for all SecureWatch subscribers starting this summer.