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Airbus Defence and Space Supplies Terralink Hub to PETSE for VSAT Services

By Caleb Henry | November 12, 2015
      An oil derrick.

      An oil derrick. Photo: TexasRaiser/Wikimedia Commons

      [Via Satellite 11-12-2015] Integrated Petroleum & Energy Services company (PETSE) has signed a three-year agreement with Airbus Defence and Space for Terralink Hub communications services. Using the company’s fully managed Terralink Hub service, PETSE plans to provide a complete range of connectivity services to its local market in Saudi Arabia.

      PETSE is already a licensed VSAT services reseller and a provider of engineering, project management, business consultancy and procurement services for the oil, water treatment and civil work segments in Saudi Arabia. The company now intends to become a full VSAT service provider. Following the hub acquisition and satellite airtime contract, PETSE will establish its own uplink station and IP network interconnected to the Saudi terrestrial network/Internet, in addition to forming a field service organization and helpdesk facility.

      Using Terralink Hub at its premises, PETSE will deliver a wide range of VSAT services for diverse customers, with the Airbus Defence and Space Network Operations Center handling network management and configuration.