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DataPath Announces New Cyber Security Solutions for Communications Networks in Harsh Environments

By Mai Hanoon | March 19, 2015

      [Via Satellite 03-19-2015] DataPath announced the launch of new cyber security solutions. The offerings include a variety of information assurance service packages designed to protect the communications networks of operations in remote and harsh environments.

      Last year, the number of reported cyber security incidents rose 48 percent to 42.8 million, or approximately 117,000 attacks per day, according to a report from PwC. The report also concludes that the average financial loss of these attacks was $2.7 million per incident — an increase of 34 percent over 2013.

      “The figures on cyber threats are staggering. The question that companies must ask today is not if a cyber attack will occur, but when,” said Peggy Rowe, VP of software and cyber Solutions for DataPath.

      DataPath’s cyber security solutions assess a communications network’s infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and create a customized security plan. The solutions are available in three service levels, known as Essential, Assurance and Vigilance. The services range from basic assessments, to supporting the customer’s existing IT staff to support and incident response. Additional services include network certification and accreditation, compliance assurance, and post incident investigation.