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MDA Space Joins Starlab Space as Mission Partner and Equity Owner 

By Rachel Jewett | May 29, 2024
      Rendering of the Starlab commercial space station. Photo: Starlab Space

      Rendering of the Starlab commercial space station. Photo: Starlab Space

      MDA Space is joining Starlab Space, the joint venture between Voyager Space, Airbus, and Mitsubishi Corporation, to contribute to building the Starlab commercial space station. MDA Space is now a strategic partner and an equity owner in Starlab Space, the company announced Wednesday. 

      Financial terms of the equity deal were not disclosed. 

      Starlab Space is one of the ventures developing commercial space stations to take the place of the ISS after it is retired. Starlab now has representation from U.S., European, Japanese, and Canadian industry partners. 

      MDA Space has long contributed to the International Space Station, developing the Canadarm family of robotics. MDA Space will provide a range of external robotics, robotics interfaces and robotic mission operations to the station, including its recently launched Skymaker suite of robotics solutions. 

      “Our integration into the Starlab Space team is more than a program collaboration — it strategically fuses together highly complementary and best-in-class expertise with the higher purpose of accelerating the space economy on Earth and in orbit,” said Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA Space. “It is also a validation of the capability and value that MDA Skymaker offers to the emerging commercial space exploration and infrastructure market.”