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Building Deep Space Satellite Connectivity Networks

By Jeffrey Hill | May 6, 2024

      Connectivity is the cornerstone of today’s global economy and it will certainly be the case for the Future Space Economy, with even more complex, data-centric applications. We spent decades building the global satellite connectivity infrastructure around Earth, is it possible to replicate Earth’s satellite connectivity infrastructure on the Moon, or on other planets?

      This episode of the On Orbit Future Space Economy series explores what deep space satellite networks will look like, and how they will be built to perform in extraordinary environments. We’ll also discuss the history of deep-space exploration and research satellites and what we’ve learned from those missions.

      This episode features Matthew Harris, space focus area lead for QinetiQ; James Spicer, technical director of Kepler Communications US; and Sita Sonty, CEO of Space Tango. This episode was recorded live at SATELLITE 2024. 

      Learn more about the Future Space Economy webcast series here.

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