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Unpacking the Geopolitical Landscape of GNSS With Zephr CEO Sean Gorman

By Rachel Jewett | February 16, 2024

      We often take for granted how much of our modern lives are underpinned by GPS technology. This episode of On Orbit digs into GPS and the global landscape of GNSS, which stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. Dr. Sean Gorman, CEO of new startup Zephr, joins as this episode’s guest. 

      Zephr, which recently raised a $3.5 million seed round, is working to create a networked GPS solution to enhance GPS accuracy for mobile devices. The company is solving for a gap in GPS technology, where customer GPS used in mobile devices and wearables has errors, low accuracy, and reliability issues.

      This episode covers how much economic value is supported by GNSS technology, the GNSS geopolitical landscape including China’s investment in the BeiDou  constellation, private GNSS systems, and why this technology will be important for future use cases. Sean also talks about how Zephr fits into this landscape, and how working at Snapchat and dealing with GPS accuracy on mobile devices led to the idea for the company.

      Listen here: