Simulation is a Proven Solution for Better Satellites

If you haven’t used simulation in your satellite system development projects you probably don’t realize what it can actually do for you, or maybe you just don’t believe it. Simply put, by using models that include Freescale, BAE RAD, and Leon based virtual boards Simics gives those who need it access to a satellite system in a way that’s just not possible using physical hardware. You can even test systems that are already in orbit without risk. It’s like granting a super-power that allows your teams to design, develop, test, deliver and maintain your systems way more efficiently.

Using a virtual replica of your satellite system gives you infinite possibilities on how you test, find, and fix bugs, and also gives you the power to automate in a way that enables DevOps and Continuous Integration practices.

Read this white paper to find out how users leveraged their simulation super-powers to:

  • Cut debug time by 35%
  • Shorten bring-up time from 22 weeks to 24 days
  • Save thousands of man hours in development