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Gogo Tests HDX Antenna for In-Flight Connectivity With Eutelsat OneWeb

By Abbey Weltman | March 28, 2024

Technicians install the Gogo Galileo HDX antenna prototype now being used for initial testing on the roof of Gogo’s headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado.

Gogo Business Aviation hit a milestone with its Gogo Galileo global broadband service completing end-to-end connectivity using the HDX antenna on the Eutelsat OneWeb Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. The company announced the results of the testing on Thursday.

Gogo received the prototype of the HDX antenna from Hughes Network Systems in February. Soon after, the prototype underwent software integration and validation testing at its Broomfield, Colorado, headquarters. Flight testing with the HDX terminal will begin this summer with certification and the commercial launch expected later this year. The antenna was designed to fit on any business size aircraft. 

“Gogo Galileo HDX stands to revolutionize business aviation in-flight connectivity by delivering a solution fit for aircraft of all sizes, especially small jets, which have limited options today, and no broadband options outside North America,” said Sergio Aguirre, president and COO for Gogo. 

Jason Sperry, head of Business Aviation for Eutelsat OneWeb said the success of the test puts the plans for the antenna ahead of schedule for the launch of the aviation connectivity service. “Our LEO constellation is fully deployed, and we are finalizing the ground infrastructure to deliver seamless, low latency and high-performance broadband connectivity to business jets no matter where they fly,” said Sperry.