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Honeywell Rolls Out New JetWave Offering for Military Customers

By Mark Holmes | June 3, 2021

A Honeywell JetWave radome. Photo: HoneyWell

Honeywell has unveiled expanded its JetWave product family of broadband satcom solutions with a new offering specifically designed for military and governmental aircraft. On June 2, the company announced the JetWave MCX. It is specifically designed for military or government aircraft and can be used for surveillance, combat, or humanitarian missions like search and rescue operations.

Honeywell’s satellite communications systems aims to provide operators, passengers and crew with reliable, consistent connectivity throughout the world. They serve a range of needs, including in-flight connectivity for voice and data-streaming in the cockpit and the cabin, as well as fleet tracking and aircraft management.

“With the release of JetWave MCX, we’ve built upon this success and further developed the technology to create a more customized solution that addresses the unique needs of military and defense customers,” John Peterson, vice president and general manager of Software and Services for Honeywell Aerospace said in a statement.