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Aircom Pacific to Develop Test Program for Telesat LEO

By | June 26, 2020
Telesat's LEO constellation orbit. Photo: Telesat

Telesat’s LEO constellation orbit. Photo: Telesat

Aerkomm, a development stage service provider of In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) and Entertainment solutions for the airline industry, revealed that its wholly owned subsidiary, Aircom Pacific, entered a cooperation agreement with Telesat Leo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telesat Canada.

Through this agreement, Aircom and Telesat will jointly collaborate to develop a test program for the Telesat Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Network to assess the technical and commercial viability of incorporating the Telesat LEO Network capacity into Aircom’s portfolio and network.

Louis Giordimaina, CEO of Aerkomm, commented, “Aerkomm is pleased to enter into this cooperation agreement with Telesat. As part of our commitment to technological excellence, we have been evaluating solutions to offer next-generation capacity for our aviation connectivity platform. Our research leads us to believe that a hybrid geostationary/low-earth-orbit solution will have the ability to provide such capacity, and Telesat’s LEO Network, a multi-terabit, high-throughput, low-latency open network infrastructure, is a fitting complement to our existing geostationary solution. We look forward to working with Telesat to test this industry-leading technology for commercialization, and hope to build a fruitful and long-term partnership.”