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Hiber Starts Commercial IoT Trials on Global Scale

By | November 8, 2019

Photo: Hiber

Hiber‘s Internet of Things (IoT) network is now live, following the launch of its first two nanosatellites in late 2018. After three years of product development, the commercial launch of the fully automated end-to-end service known as Hiberband, marks the latest step for Hiber, where it will see its first customers trialling the technology.

Hiber’s first customers will be trialling the service over the coming months with projects based in the 90 percent of the world that have previously lacked a network. Hiberband has over 70 customers signs up, with early adopters being from government, environment, transport and logistics, agriculture, and mining industires. A sample of some of the first uses cases to trial the network include: soil moisture monitoring, beehive monitoring, and crop monitoring/post harvest.

Laurens Groenendijk, Managing Director Commercial and co-founder at Hiber (and co-founder of JustEat and Treatwell) said, “We are extremely proud to announce that after only 3 years of hard work, Hiberband is the first network of its kind to become operational on a global scale. We have the team, partners, technology and regulatory building blocks in place to shortly be the industry leader. With full freedom to operate everywhere in the world, we are looking forward to supporting our customers wherever they need to be.”