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Gilat Provides Aero Antennas to Business Aviation Service Provider

By | August 5, 2019
Photo: Gilat

Photo: Gilat

Gilat Satellite Networks will provide aero antennas with an initial agreement for tens of millions of dollars to a Tier-1 business aviation service provider. This helps expand Gilat’s aero offering into the business aviation market with a tail-mount antenna for business jets.

The high-speed satellite-based global connectivity service being developed will be enabled by Gilat’s aero terminal which includes a 12 inch tail-mount Ku-band antenna, and Gilat’s Taurus aero modem. Gilat’s solution is designed to provide the user experience this demanding market requires. The service for business aviation will be provided over one of the largest aero networks operating worldwide.

“Gilat’s expansion from commercial aviation into the market segment of business aviation is a major milestone in our IFC strategy,” said Ron Levin, VP Mobility and Global Accounts at Gilat. “This achievement, of a potential of hundreds of terminals, further strengthens Gilat as a major IFC player in this fast-growing satellite communication market.”