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Everywhere Communications Offers Garmin InReach Satellite Communicators

By | June 27, 2019
An EVERYWHERE Communications' inReach Mini device. Photo: EVERYWHERE Communications

An Everywhere Communications’ inReach Mini device. Photo: Everywhere Communications

Everywhere Communications and Garmin International agreed to offer inReach satellite communicators as part of Everywhere’s product portfolio. The inReach Mini is a small, compact satellite communicator, which allows teams to communicate when out of cellular coverage. When paired with the Everywhere App, users are able to seamlessly transition between cellular and satellite service.

Powered by Iridium, using the recently upgraded Iridium satellite constellation to provide global connectivity, the inReach and inReach Mini offered by Everywhere aim to ensure that customers remain connected no matter where they are located on the planet. According to the release, Everywhere provides safety, connectivity and productivity solutions for enterprise and government organizations with people and assets deployed globally.

“We are excited to add the inReach satellite communicators into the Everywhere product portfolio,” said Patrick Shay, president and chief executive officer, Everywhere. “Our customers operate in the most demanding conditions, and products like the inReachMini, when combined with our suite of purpose-built software solutions, provide the safety, connectivity and productivity tools for which Everywhere is known. When it is absolutely critical to have connectivity, you need trust and experience behind you.”