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Firefly Aerospace Reveals DREAM Payload Participants

By | November 20, 2019
Digital rendition of the Firefly Alpha rocket.

Digital rendition of the Firefly Alpha rocket. Photo: Firefly

Firefly Aerospace revealed this past summer the Dedicated Research and Education Accelerator Mission (DREAM), a global competition to host academic and educational payloads as rideshare participants on the inaugural flight of the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle. Firefly recently revealed the payloads selected to fly on Alpha’s maiden flight to support and stimulate STEM on a global basis. There are 26 DREAM payloads representing seven different countries.

The payloads are broken down into two categories, nontechnical and technical. Nontechnical payloads include children’s artwork, messages from children in pediatric hospitals and photographs of previous space missions. Technical payloads range from 3U to 27U satellites supplied by prominent universities and nonprofits from around the globe. DREAM payloads will be co-manifested with commercial payloads on the first Alpha launch.

“In 1993 I was on the ASUSat-1 team and we were given the opportunity to launch our first satellite on a donated rideshare slot to LEO,” said Firefly VP of Mission Assurance Shea Ferring. “That program propelled so many of us into the aerospace industry and it is now great to give back with a similar opportunity to multiple university programs. We look forward to providing similar opportunities on future missions to support and encourage STEM students that their dreams do come true.”