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LeoStella Manufactures Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt

By Annamarie Nyirady | May 2, 2019
An artist rendition of SpaceBelt. Photo: SpaceBelt

An artist rendition of SpaceBelt. Photo: SpaceBelt

Cloud Constellation selected LeoStella to manufacture the SpaceBelt satellite constellation.

Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) aims to secure, global managed network services and cloud data storage in space to enterprise, government and military organizations. According to the release, the SpaceBelt architecture has the distinct advantage that a constellation of only ten satellites are required in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), aiming to greatly reduces the cost, complexity, and time to market.

“We created LeoStella to enable innovative space constellations and forward-thinking businesses such as Cloud Constellation,” said LeoStella Chief Technology Officer Brian Rider. “The SpaceBelt DSaaS will bring a powerful new capability for global data security. The technology exists to leverage affordable satellites to create the on-orbit cloud and we are very excited to bring our solutions to the SpaceBelt mission.”