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Kacific’s 1st Satellite Moves Into Final Construction Stage

By | April 24, 2019
Kacific1 in the Boeing El Segundo factory. Photo: Kacific

Kacific1 in the Boeing El Segundo factory. Photo: Kacific

Following the successful completion of payload and bus integration, Boeing will begin antenna range testing and core testing of Kacific‘s Kacific1 satellite.

Kacific’s first satellite is a High Throughput Satellite (HTS) currently in production at Boeing’s El Segundo, California facility for satellite technology. It is 75 percent through module level testing and about to move into the final phase of construction. The satellite will then undergo mechanical vibration and acoustic environmental testing.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the fully formed satellite and are regularly in touch with Boeing for progress updates,” Bob Perpall, Chief Technology Officer, Kacific said. “Our team is counting down the months to service commencement. We are currently working with customers to help them prepare for the high-speed Ka-band broadband through installation of ground technology and developing tailored solutions for people and organizations in Asia-Pacific, such as enterprise level broadband services and community-based Wi-Fi solutions.”