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ABL Space Systems Reveals New RS1 Launch Vehicle Pricing

By | February 4, 2019
A model of ABL Space Systems' RS1 rocket. Photo: ABL Space Systems

A model of ABL Space Systems’ RS1 rocket. Photo: ABL Space Systems

ABL Space Systems revealed design updates to its RS1 launch vehicle, an increase in payload capacity, and a decrease in price. The upgraded RS1 has a larger, six-foot diameter, and is powered by a new family of gas generator engines, E1 and E2. RS1 is priced at $12 million per launch, or as low as $10 thousand per kilogram.

“In both engineering and manufacturing, small launch vehicles are fundamentally simpler than large launch vehicles, and there are many opportunities for efficiency gains,” said ABL Space Systems Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Harry O’Hanley. “We’ve worked swiftly to prove out innovative, low-cost manufacturing methods that have dramatically lowered our costs and we’re excited to pass along the gains to our customers.”

Founded in 2017, ABL recently completed its first development vehicle and conducted a successful tanking test. ABL is planning an RS1 stage test in the second half of 2019, with a target first launch in 2020.