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China Launches Test Satellite and 6 Atmospheric Research Satellites

By | January 2, 2019

A Long March-2D rocket carrying six Yunhai-2 satellites. Photo: Xinhua/Hao Wei

China successfully launched six atmospheric environment research satellites and a test communication satellite into orbit Saturday. The satellites were launched by a Long March-2D rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 4:00 p.m local time. The six Yunhai-2 satellites will be used to study atmospheric environment, monitor space environment, prevent and reduce disasters and conduct scientific experiments.

The test satellite is for China’s Hongyan constellation, will provide communication services in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). After completion, the constellation aims to provide communication services for intelligent terminals across the world, Internet of Things (IOT) devices, and mobile broadcast capabilities.

Saturday’s launch was the 297th mission of the Long March rocket series.