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First Satellite Using Accion Systems Engine Lifts Off

By | November 20, 2018

Natalya Bailey, CEO of Accion Systems, a company that develops small propulsion systems for satellites, is seen in the company’s research lab, Nov. 9, in Boston, after lift-off last week of a satellite using their technology. Photo: Jim Michaud

The first satellite with Accion Systems engines launched from New Zealand last week. The satellite launched, Irvine 01, was built by high school students and will take pictures of Venus and other objects. “It’s a huge milestone, across the board,” Accion Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Natalya Bailey said before the launch.

Yet, the startup is working on a host of different projects. Accion’s first product, Tile, is used when satellites are off orbit or need to reposition. The company is also developing a new propulsion system called ion electrospray.

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