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HERE Technologies Renews Maxar Satellite Imagery Contract

By | May 22, 2019
Photo: Future Car

Photo: Future Car

HERE Technologies, a mapping and location platform services provider, renewed its satellite imagery contract with Maxar Technologies for the global production of HERE’s in-car navigation maps. Additionally, Maxar won the 2019 Americas Region Most Innovative Supplier Award from HERE Technologies.

HERE aims to leverage Maxar’s imagery products, specifically Vivid and Metro mosaics, to provide  up-to-date maps for their customers. HERE location technology is utilized across industries and approximately four out of five vehicles with embedded navigation systems sold in North America and Western Europe are equipped with HERE map data on board. Maxar’s Vivid and Metro products provide satellite image layers updated annually with 50 centimeter (cm) resolution coverage globally and 30 cm resolution coverage of major cities around the world.

“HERE Technologies is proud to award Maxar our Most Innovative Supplier Award,” said Jeff Amsel, Vice President and Head of Global Sourcing at HERE Technologies. “Maxar’s high-quality satellite imagery supports our core mapping mission for in-car navigation systems and our development of autonomous vehicle technology.”