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ExactEarth Completes AIS Constellation Rollout

By Jeffrey Hill | February 15, 2019
      Photo: ExactEarth

      Photo: ExactEarth

      ExactEarth completed the rollout of its real-time global satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) service after activating the final six payloads of its exactView constellation, the company reported Feb. 15.

      The constellation comprises of 58 payloads and seven orbital spares built by Harris, and hosted onboard the Iridium Next constellation, operated by Iridium Communications. Now that exactView is fully operational, ExactEarth aims to provide new maritime service capabilities covering the entire maritime Very High Frequency (VHF) radio band and supporting safety, commerce, navigation, environmental management, and security for more than 500,000 vessels worldwide.

      “With its key performance capabilities of real-time data delivery, superior vessel detection, rapid update rate, longevity and continuous improvement, we believe that exactView RT provides us with a measurable and sustainable competitive advantage,” ExactEarth Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Mabson said in a statement. “We think this type of high-end service will be ideal for both commercial and government customers concerned with issues such as homeland security, search and rescue, intelligent weather routing, commodity tracking, and down the road, ‘Smartships’ and eNavigation.”