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SES Selects Hughes Auto-PACE Solution for DEUCSI Program

By Abbey Weltman | February 21, 2024

      The Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet (DEUCSI) program tests commercial LEO capabilities. Photo: Isotropic Systems/Business Wire

      Hughes Network Systems was awarded a deal with SES Space & Defense for the company’s auto-PACE solution to support a military contract. The SES contract supports the Air Force Research Laboratory‘s (AFRL) Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet (DEUCSI) program, which evaluates commercial satellite internet networks for military use.

      The Hughes solution will operate in Geostationary (GEO), Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO), and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations for various comms on the pause (COTP) and comms on the move (COTM) test scenarios.

      The contract highlights SES and Hughes’ shared vision to accelerate multi-orbit communications. The SES Space & Defense team aims to integrate the Hughes automated network management system, enterprise management and control, and smart network edge software. SES Space & Defense then plans to add a LEO solution to the Hughes auto-PACE software-defined HM100 and HM400 satellite modems that currently provide GEO and MEO connectivity. 

      “Multi-orbit, flexible networks deliver real-time communications to meet mission requirements across the battlefield. Whether users need connectivity on the ground or in the air, resilient communications must be available using the frequency band and satellite system that is most effective for the application and location,” said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of Hughes Defense and Government Systems division.