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Astra Space Q1 2022

June 28, 2022

      In Q1 2022, launch service provider Astra Space reported:

      •  $3.9 million in revenues from launch services during the quarter: LV0008 for NASA in February, which failed; and LV0009 for Spaceflight on March 15.
      • A GAAP net loss of $85.7 million.
      • The cost of revenues was $11 million during the quarter, including $5.5 million in cost of launch services related to LV0008 and LV0009.
      • Astra spent $38 million on R&D, $4.8 million on sales and marketing, and $21 million on general and administrative costs during the quarter.
      • Astra secured orders for 61 Astra spacecraft engines, following the acquisition of Apollo Fusion. Astra previously announced a deal with LeoStella to supply an unspecified number of engines.
      • Astra is now preparing for a multi-launch campaign for NASA’s TROPICS constellation in which it will execute three launches.
      • Astra is one of a recent wave of space companies that went public through a SPAC merger.