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Comcast Business to Use Starlink Connectivity for Enterprise Customers 

By Rachel Jewett | June 24, 2024

A Starlink dish on a fixed site for enterprise. Photo: Starlink

Comcast Business signed a deal with SpaceX to provide for Starlink connectivity to its enterprise customers. The collaboration announced June 21 brings satellites to the Comcast Business managed connectivity portfolio. 

Comcast said this will bring Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology to enhance network redundancy and provide connectivity for enterprises in remote areas. Comcast’s managed connectivity portfolio offers broadband, ethernet, and cellular business tools for enterprise customers.

The news release did not specify how the service will be incorporated and when it will be available. 

“As the first major network provider to collaborate with Starlink, we’re excited to uniquely enhance our extensive managed connectivity portfolio with advanced satellite capabilities to better serve our enterprise customers,” commented Jon Friedman, senior vice president of Product Strategy and Operations, Comcast Business. “Starlink’s LEO satellite technology complements our existing network infrastructure, extends our reach and further enhances Comcast Business’ ability to deliver reliable connectivity solutions to enterprises with a human touch.”

SpaceX executive Jason Fritch, vice president of Starlink Enterprise Sales said this deal shows that Starlink has a growing role as a “critical element in modern enterprise networks.”

Verizon signed a similar deal with Amazon’s Project Kuiper in 2021, but there have been few updates on the collaboration.